Assignment 2. Elements of Design. Tutor report.

As suggested by my tutor I am making reference to my feedback on my submission for Assignment 2, Elements of design. 

It has taken me a week or two to get around to this as I have moved to Muscat for one month to complete some work, now into week two and finding my feet and starting to find the time to go over Assignment 2 and make any changes I feel are necessary and to push on with Part 3, Colour. 

The amendments that I have elected to make are included in assignment 2.  

Feedback on assignment 2
Single Point
This is a very strong image.  You have considered the composition in order to keep it as uncluttered as possible.  The strong light adds to the translucence of the petals at the edges of the flower. One small point – where the pistil comes in from the edge of the frame is it slightly off from the corner.  You could crop the edge here to place the green right in the very corner and this would strengthen the composition even further.
Fig 1. 
I have selected another image taken of the Stargazer Lily,this time a vertical image, and using photoshop editing have cropped this image to ensure the pistil of the flower comes into the frame from the corner.  This I feel gives the viewer a distinctly different image from the original submitted, there is a loss of colour at the base of the image, the crop had removed some of the petals but what remain appear translucent as before. 

Two points
Where you have taken inspiration from Beth Eggleston – it would be good to drop an example of the image in here for reference if you can.  The decrease in aperture shows good understanding of exposure control.    The composition has something unnerving about it – I think it may be with the left flower being cropped in the frame.  The image does challenge the viewer from conventional flower photography.

Several Points
In this image the arrangement has been created to form the triangle shape.  The red of the petals do work with the red in the leaf and you were right to leave it in colour.  For me the composition is unbalanced.  There is so much going on in the right of the frame and it all peters out to the left – the image feels as if it wants to tip over.

I tried a square crop below, which is an alternative.  This is an image that you may wish to rework.  A darker background may also help add weight to the image.

Combination of Vertical and Horizontal Lines
This is a strong image; I particular like the more unusual colours of the flowers.  The lighting is good as the petals are clearly seen with detail and texture but without being overexposed (so easily done with white petals).

You have cropped tight on the vertical edges to the flowers, however a gap is at the top.  I would experiment with a tighter crop all around, and one where you leave a gap all around.  See which you prefer.

In this image the subject matter is very abstract.  The image is quite dark and could be lightened.  The focus is very soft with only the water droplet sharp.  By making this part of the image lighter you can draw the eye to it more obviously.

These are beautiful roses  - the curves of the petals have been well captured.  The soft lighting allows the colours to be kept. A wonderful image – well done.

A very interesting composition where the contrast of the different textures plays a major part in the image.   The lighting has been kept soft to allow this texture to be seen.  You are clearly gaining confidence in using studio set ups and this will be further developed in assignment 4.

Implied Triangle 1
A very effective composition.  Again the lighting has been selected to tone with the softness of the objects uses.  The use of the tint in the background here also adds to the image.  It is a refreshing change from harsh white.

Implied Triangle 2
An image full of triangles!  The lighting here is more direct with the shadow adding the triangles that have been formed.

For this image you have used Photoshop to manipulate the image.  However I think the image is strong on its own without this.  You could consider subduing the colour rather than removing it completely.  However I would look at this image again. 

Again another strong image where you have clearly considered the composition.  I would consider that a little more light (reflected in) could be added to the back layer of petals.  This would help to lift them from the background.  Otherwise a good image.

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